• Constanza Gardeazabal


Updated: Aug 27

The enemy lies within. This is true when our instincts, which are meant to

protect us, threaten to devour us and those around us. While instincts are essential to our survival, it is up to us to tame them. This is “The Fool’s” next lesson revealed in the image of “Strength” or “Fortitude”; the first of 4 moral lessons found in the Major Arcana. This archetype speaks to the need for self-actualization through self-control.

Here, “The Fool” meets a young woman opening (or closing) the jaws of a green lion. Where this wild beast represents our animal nature, the fact that it is a green one indicates that a transformation has occurred. It is not through physical force that this change takes place, but rather by learning to

control our animal instincts which are ruled by our reptilian brain.

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