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Updated: Aug 27

Not long after “The Fool” has embarked on his journey does he feel the need to temporarily withdraw from action in order to reflect and plan. He sees the value of taking things more slowly and allowing discretion and silence to seep into his life. This is the second moral lesson presented through the archetype of “The Hermit” or “Father Time”. The lesson here is rich with two slightly different interpretations due to the fact that the ancient Greeks had two gods directly related to the notion of time.

The first one is Kairos who was the god of timing, opportunity, and chance. The word itself means finding the opportune moment. “The Hermit” is depicted with a lantern signifying spiritual enlightenment

through retreat. In this way “The Fool” learns the importance of knowing when to act and knowing when to stay still. This requires, among many things, patience and prudence. It is not surprising, then, to learn that this card replaced “Prudence” (a highly valued virtue in ancient societies) probably due to the fact that the archetype of “The Hermit” or “Father Time” encompasses yet another aspect of time.

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