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Updated: Aug 27

What do you suppose would happen if there were no laws or if laws were not adhered to in a

predictable manner? In his journey, “The Fool” is presented with this situation; he sees that there are individuals who seem to be "above the law" and those who are unfairly judged because of some superficial bias. Here, we encounter “Justice”, "The Fool's" third Moral lesson.

This archetype is presented in the form of a female warrior; as Athena in some decks. As giver and enforcer of laws, she is fully armoured and carries a sword in one hand and balance scales in the other. Her eyes are closed while she maintains a neutral and unbiased position. The facts are the facts which must be analyzed with the intellect and measured with a golden ruler (representing the Universe’s Laws of justice and fairness). There are codes of conduct and rules that must be adhered to

by all; breaking them has its consequences. In the end, “Justice” must be fought for and carried out using the same scales for all alike. This is also the core principle of our justice system.

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