• C. Gardeazabal


Updated: Aug 27

“The Fool” carries on with the new realization that life is not always fair and that we cannot

always control our fate. But he is now even more puzzled when he encounters “The Hanged Man” for this man has willingly allowed himself to be suspended upside down while his hands are tied together behind his back. This surely can’t be a pain-free position to be in, yet “The Hanged Man” appears to show no sign of suffering and is even shown smiling in some decks.

The archetype of “The Hanged Man” represents a voluntary sacrifice of “fitting in” by refusing to follow the status quo in order to uphold one’s beliefs whether they be spiritual, philosophical, religious, scientific, artistic, or whatever. It marks a major turning point, transition, regeneration, or rebirth in “The Fool’s” journey.

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