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Updated: Aug 27

So far, “The Fool” has already met three of the four Virtues and has learned each

of their moral lessons. He has learned about self-actualization through self-control when he met “Strength”, about knowing when to act and when to stay still with the “The Hermit/ Prudence”, and that no one is above the Law, through “Justice”. He now meets the last of the 4 virtue cards or moral lessons: “Temperance”. Here, “The Fool” learns about compromise, partnerships, cooperation, and personal moderation.

Although virtues are historically represented as women, they are sometimes depicted as angels. They are shown either seated or standing while pouring liquid from one vessel to another without ever spilling a drop. This image seems appropriate for this virtue, as the verb “to temper” means to serve as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to (something). “Temperance” is about creating balance and harmony through the careful blending of contrasting ideas, perspectives, or materials. In this process, the blending creates a totally new situation or attitude.

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