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Updated: Aug 27

Further on in his journey, “The Fool” encounters the second of the three “Journey through the Underworld” archetypes. Another name for this archetype is “sublimation”. In psychological terms, to sublimate means to bring the base, or lower, self to a higher spiritual level by converting base impulses into ways of behaving to those of a more spiritually evolved being. Not surprisingly, these ways also happen to be more socially acceptable.

Depicted as a fish-man in former times, “The Devil” is nowadays often represented as Baphomet, the ancient goat-headed idol with bat wings and a reversed pentagram on his forehead. He is seen perched on a platform, or an altar, with a sword in his left hand while two chained demons stand at his feet.

As frightening as he may appear, “The Fool” knows that “The Devil” does not necessarily represent an actual demon; it more often than not represents our repressed emotions or elements of our dark side.

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