• M. Constanza Gardeazábal


Updated: Aug 27

There is a feeling of loneliness that begins to well inside “The Fool”. It’s as though he has reached the peak of the highest mountain. And, after experiencing the excitement and reveling in the fact that he has scaled an enormous height, he begins to look around and suffers the isolation that comes with his success. But he also realizes that if he looks further abroad that there are many, like him, who have also obtained some type of victory. And, also like him, feel the need to build a global community to support one another and share their new found discoveries.

“The World” archetype represents “The Fool’s” inter-connectedness with more than just the immediate community. It represents a time for positive partnerships to be formed. This may require some form of travel or taking up new pursuits and activities that expand the understanding of the world and… the Universe. Not surprisingly, “The Universe” is another name for this archetype.

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